Currently Reading (April ’23). #TheRunawayViscount #NetGalley

My reading list for the month.

The Runaway Viscount by Darcy Burke.

The Runaway Viscount by Darcy Burke is a historical romance and is the third book of the Matchmaking Chronicles. I haven’t read the first two books of the series, so this is going to be like a standalone read for me. It follows the story of a widow, Mrs. Juliana Sheldon, and Viscount Lucas Audlington. They meet during a snowstorm and are stuck at an inn. They have a brief affair and then. Lucas leaves without telling Juliana. Two years later, their paths cross again.

 The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

The Call of the Wild is an adventure novella by Jack London. The story is set during the 1890s in Yukon, Canada when sled dogs were in high demand. The main character of the story is Buck, a strong dog. He lives with a good family in California before he is kidnapped and sold. Buck is thrown out of his familiar life into difficult and often cruel situations. The story follows Buck’s journey.

 The Good and the Bad Little Boy by Mark Twain.

 The Good and the Bad Little Boy is a short story written by Mark Twain. The story follows two young boys. One who follows all the rules and tries to imitate the good people from the Bible yet does not get good results. On the other hand, the other boy who is not necessarily evil but breaks societal conventions yet gets the desired results, or things go better for him in general.

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