Book Review: Charmed (Kelly Moran). #Charmed #NetGalley

I received a copy of Charmed by Kelly Moran from NetGalley. This book is a paranormal fantasy romance novel and the second book of the Fated Trilogy. The story follows the middle siblings, Fiona Galloway and Riley Meath. The Galloway sisters are witches, while the Meath brothers are trained fighters.

Centuries ago, a Galloway ancestor was burned for witchcraft by a Meath and she cursed the Meaths and the Galloways. This curse has impacted generations of both families. And now, the six fated (3 Galloway sisters and 3 Meath brothers) who can break the curse are here. The first book Bewitched follows Brady and Kaida, who completed the first part of the task. Now, it’s Fiona and Riley’s turn to do their task. These six are the ones who can end this curse and the animosity between their families.

Fiona is a guarded person. She is smart and strong and doesn’t let anyone, even her sisters see her true feelings. Riley is fascinated by Fiona from the get-go. Since, the beginning of these tasks with his brothers and Galloway sisters, he has spent a lot of time with Fiona. There is chemistry from their first interaction, and I liked how they bantered with each other. The next part of the task is up to them, so now they are pushed even closer than before, working as a team.

Fiona seems cold almost hurtful to Riley at the start, but slowly her reasons are revealed, and it starts making sense. Riley and his brothers had a rough childhood growing up with their uncle. Riley hasn’t completely moved past the trauma his upbringing caused. Both these characters have their own issues and baggage. It takes some time for them to start trusting each other and leaning on each other for support.  When it finally happens, it’s so satisfying. They understand each other better than they think, even if they argue quite a lot. Their relationship is cute and passionate, it was my favorite part of the book.

The sibling of Fiona and Riley, Kaida, Ceara, Tristan, and Brady also play an essential role, but the focus remains on the budding relationship of Fiona and Riley with eminent danger to their lives. Although, their familial relationships are important for their characters’ growth. The characters and the history move ahead at a good pace, and kept me hooked. It keeps you invested in the characters and the story.

I liked the balance of fantasy and romance in the book. Neither element overpowered the other in the story and flowed really well. Charmed by Kelly Moran is a story that’s filled with magic, romance, and a sense of adventure. I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait for the final book of the series.

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Author: Aarti Athavle

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