Book Review: Wait For You (Jennifer L. Armentrout).

I have read a couple of books by J.lynn (also Jennifer L. Armentrout) over the years and always enjoyed them. So, I thought, why not give the first book of this series a shot. Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout is the first book of her Wait For You series. The new adult romance follows the characters Avery Morgansten and Cameron Hamilton.

Avery purposely moves away thousands of miles for college. From the start itself, you can tell that Avery is troubled, and wants a fresh start. She hopes this new place will be a new beginning for her and that she can be a normal college student, and maybe make friends. When she meets Cameron, she is drawn to him but keeps her guard up as much as possible. Slowly, the walls come down, and both of them, give in to the romantic tension between them. Avery and Cameron both have troubled pasts in a way that brings them closer.

The story focuses more on Avery’s journey, and it’s been done well. Her behavior and reactions are justified given what has happened to her. Cameron is charming and is pretty quickly smitten with her, yet she tries to keep things platonic. It does work for a while when they are kind of friends. The romantic tension between Avery and Cameron is there from the start, and the build-up is very interesting. The past of Cameron and of Avery kind of collides and helps both of them. When everything seems to be going well, someone starts blackmailing Avery about her past, and the cards she held so close to herself, need to be revealed.

The reveal of Avery’s past is difficult to read. Such a serious subject, in the setting of college romance, has been dealt with sensitively. It talks about the abuse she suffered in a grounded way and her responses to it. This part is emotional and heartbreaking because even though there are clues from the start, the final revelation is tough. The bond between Cameron and Avery is incredibly sweet. She is reluctant to pursue anything with Cameron. He understands this so, even if he is around her a lot, there is no pushing for anything. He stands up for her and builds her up after finding out the truth.

The chemistry between them is undeniable. It’s intense yet sweet. The secondary characters too add to the story. Other than the romance which I loved, the story also focuses on Avery’s journey. From where she starts to where she ends up. She learns to accept herself, stops blaming herself, and starts opening up. Her character comes to a full circle in a way when she gets the college life she imagined when she came there.

Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a beautifully written romance. Even though it’s YA, set in college it is more than just a teen romance. The relationship between Avery and Cameron is cute, the characters are interesting, and the plot keeps you engaged. I enjoyed reading this book.  

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Author: Aarti Athavle

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