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Currently Reading (August ’20)

Currently Reading (August ‘20)

These are the books I wish to finish reading this month. Maybe I will get to read more as well if possible. My reading list for this month.

  1. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James.

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James is a horror novella. The story is about a young woman who gets a job as a governess for two mysterious kids on an estate which seems to be haunted. I just started reading it and it has a gothic feel to it because of the descriptions. The young girl who is the narrator of the story is unnamed so far. It is an intriguing read.

2. Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau is a book that details the social experiment Thoreau carried by living in a secluded cabin for two years. I am only a couple of chapters in but, it has a philosophical undertone to it. It talks about the author’s experience with nature and living simply, being self-reliant. It is a little difficult to read because there is a lot of symbolism and depth to the writing.

3. My Last Duchess by Daisy Goodwin.

My Last Duchess by Daisy Goodwin is a story about an American Heiress, Cora Cash, who travels to England with her mother to find an aristocratic match. The world in England is different than what she is accustomed to and when she marries Ivo, an eligible but secretive bachelor, her life changes. I enjoyed reading this book so far though I have trouble relating to Cora’s character which I hope will happen eventually. It seems like a fun read.

4. Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts.

Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts is the first book of the Circle Trilogy. A sorcerer named Hoyt loses his brother in 12th century Ireland to evil forces. He is chosen for a mission by the goddess Morrigan and is told he will be joined by five others to form a team to destroy Lillith. Nora Roberts has a way of blending fantasy elements with the reality that it seems grounded. The story and the characters are interesting. I finished almost seventy pages at one go when I started reading.

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Book Review: Black Hills (Nora Roberts).

Black Hills

– Nora Roberts.

I have read many books written by Nora Roberts over the years. The writing of the story might seem similar in her book; sequentially I mean but she manages to keep things fresh with the characters and settings.

A story about an ambitious girl Lil Chance befriends Cooper Sullivan when they are kids; the first summer Cooper spends with his grandparents. He comes back every year regularly for the next few years. Lil and Cooper are close and as they grow up their feelings change and they end up in a romantic relationship. Cooper breaks Lil’s heart and she throws herself into following her career ambitions. Cooper moves to his grandparents’ farm after his grandfather has an accident; this brings Lil and Cooper in each others lives again.

The book begins when Lil and Cooper are kids and it focuses on their relationship with their family and with each other. This part is a little slow plot-wise because not much is happening but it is necessary to establish the bond that Lil and Cooper have. The setting of the story, the Black Hills in South Dakota plays a major part in the story as it is an important place for the characters, especially for Lil. Lil is a wildlife biologist and sets up a sanctuary for animals on her family’s land just as she wanted while Cooper struggled a bit on what he wanted versus his father’s expectations. I liked the cute, innocent love story they have in the beginning and even when they reconnect the bond between them seems completely natural.

The story becomes suspense when Lil is stalked by someone who is threatening the life she has build for herself. Cooper is an ex-cop and he is adamant about helping her and keeping her safe till the person is caught. This is where the story picks up its pace and scary things start happening around Lil because of a man and his beliefs. I liked Lil’s characterization. She knows from a very young age which direction she wants to go in and she sticks to it which is in contrast to Cooper. She has made her dreams come true and she loves her work and life. She is bitter about how things ended with Cooper 12 years back but that because she believed that they meant to be.

The first introduction of Cooper makes you a little sad with the things going on with his parents and the way he acts like an adult even though he is 11. He struggles with his family issues throughout the story and with himself too. The explanation he gives Lil about breaking up with her back then makes sense in a way but still not completely so Lil is right to be mad about it. The point of view of the stalker/murderer is downright creepy at times but intriguing because it made me want to find out who he was and it wasn’t an obvious choice.

I have to say this is not my favorite Nora Roberts book and like some of her other works I might not read this one again. I liked the love story and the suspense element of the book and the characters. The pacing was a little slow and for me; even though the setting is important I could never completely get into it or imagine it which disappointed me a little bit. In my opinion, overall it is a good book but it didn’t match some of the other works by Roberts which I have read. It was a good escapist read for this weekend.

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Currently Reading (April ’20)

Currently Reading (April ’20).

My reading list for this month.

  1. Black Hills by Nora Roberts.

The story is set in South Dakota with the backdrop of the Black hills range. It is a story about Lil Chance and Cooper Sullivan. I have always enjoyed reading books written by Nora Roberts and I have read many of them over the years. I started this book a couple of days back and it’s keeping me interested. The plot of the story is going different than my assumptions of it but in a good way. I might finish this one pretty quickly.

2. Just For Now by Anny Glines.

The fourth book in the Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines. I don’t think I have read the books in the correct order but I have read them so I have a bit of context going into this book. Amanda has had a crush on Preston since she was sixteen and he is her brother’s best friend. I am enjoying it so far. The characters are from different worlds and have completely different issues. It’s a feel-good book, perfect for the weekend.

3.French Short Stories of 19th and 20th Century.

This book I have is a collection of short stories by French writers in English. Over the last week, I have read a few of these stories and they are amazing. Some of the writers in there I hadn’t heard of before which was the reason I picked up this book. Unlike a full-length novel, it’s much easier to read a short story a day especially when ten other things are going on. I am glad I bought this book; so far every story I read has been amazing.

4. A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennesee Williams.

Williams was never a part of my syllabus of Literature in college but my teachers always recommended her plays. I finally got myself a copy of A Streetcar Named Desire and I am excited to read it. I haven’t made much progress because I started it last night. I am intrigued to see how the play unfolds. The writing and characters have already managed to capture my interest.

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Book Review: The Obsession (Nora Roberts).

The Obsession

–      Nora Roberts

I have read so many books written by Nora Roberts by now but never reviewed one before. I go through her books way too quickly for me to write a review about them. This time I promised myself that after I finish reading this book I will review it. So, here it is; The Obsession.

The book begins when the protagonist Naomi is 12 years old. The start of the book itself takes a creepy turn as Naomi Bowes finds out that her father is a serial killer. This part of the story is told from a 12-year-old’s point of view which hammers the creepiness of it even more. The story then follows Naomi’s life in brief at different stages of her life until she is 16. This made me understand Naomi as a character and one can understand her need to remain distant and aloof from people.

She is very close to her mother’s brother Seth and his partner Harry who help Naomi, her brother Mason and their mom after her father is arrested. The relationship between Naomi and her brother and her uncles is very sweet. They are very close. She doesn’t have anyone else other than her family she is close to and that is on purpose. She is reluctant to even adopt a dog she finds injured roadside. The suspense element of the novel plays a major role at the beginning of the book then it slows down some and then tension is elevated again.

It is nice to see a character like Naomi, who is been traumatized since she was 12 because of her father, start changing things for herself. She buys a house which in a way makes things permanent like she is thinking of staying in one place. In the new town, she starts to step out of her comfort zone little by little. Xander Keaton owns a garage and plays in a cover band is fascinated by Naomi and notices her mistrust of people in general from the beginning. Naomi and Xander’s relationship is cute. He never babies her and is always blunt which Naomi admires about him.

Just when it seemed like now things are settling down, the past comes back to haunt Naomi. A serial killer is imitating Naomi’s father and trailing her, closing in on her. The point of view of the serial killer is a little hard to read and cringe-worthy. The suspense is at its peak at this point and it took me a while to guess who the killer is. I think the author left little clues which finally added up as I was reading. I loved the character of Mason, Naomi’s younger brother. I liked all the characters in the book, each major character had a development which adds to the story.

The favorite part about the book for me was the experience of the family of a serial killer. Naomi’s mother refuses to believe her husband did all those horrible things when she starts realizing it the guilt of not ever knowing this takes over. Mason, becomes a profiler for the FBI. He does as much research and reads everything possible about the psychological aspects of his father’s actions. Naomi isolates herself and refuses to think about her father altogether. Naomi’s father is in jail after the first chapter itself but there is his looming presence throughout the book in the minds of the family. He manipulates Naomi’s mother every time she goes to see him.

It is one of my favorite Nora Roberts book. I like the stand-alone suspense thriller novel. It is a good mix of suspense, thrill, and romance.

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