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Sleepless Nights (Poem)

Sleepless Nights

Lying awake every night,

Memories start flooding back.

Wondering about the past,

Worrying about the future,

Losing grip of the present.

Every night the same nightmares,

Tossing and turning for hours,

Trying to switch off these thoughts.

Life as made overthinkers,

And insomniacs of us all.

Stress Relieving Activities to Adopt

If becoming an adult isn’t already hard enough, it also comes with emotional exhaustion and it is an overwhelming time. In a generation, where there is so much internal and external pressure on individuals to live up to certain set standards. It becomes of utmost importance to cope with the stress and anxiety day after day. It’s necessary to adopt some stress-relieving habits which will rejuvenate your mind and body.

Dance away

Dance is also a form of exercise and makes a nice change from the boring gym routines. It’s not just about fitness though it’s the energetic atmosphere, loud music, and a chance to groove that is such a stress reliever. It gets your heart and spirit pumping in tune to the music. Take up a Zumba or Salsa class and dance away from your problems for a while; dance burns a lot of calories so that’s a bonus.

Join a hobby class

I understand in the limited amount of time on our hands with jobs and studying and much more, there isn’t much time for extra activities. This is a fact but doing something new is also helpful. Find a hobby you always wanted to pursue but didn’t get time so be it calligraphy, painting, or even learning a new language. It gives you something different to do and break away from the mundane routine; socializing in new circles and learning something new at the same time. It distracts one from the daily hustle and bustle.

Take a break

This is the best and easiest solution to stress-busting is taking a break. Be it a four-day trip, one day or a month; give yourself the much-needed break every now and then. It revitalizes your physical and mental capacities. A change in scenery will give you a much needed fresh perspective and that goes a long way. Drive away for a day trip or book yourself a tour but get away from the daily schedule and recharge.

Surround yourself with loved ones

It sounds very cheesy, I agree. There are so many people around who are not genuine or try to pull you down and that affects your overall well-being. Being around people who care, nurture and cherish you through the highs and lows of life bring a lot of positivity in your life. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive, inspiring and caring is good for one’s emotional state. Even a two-hour lunch or quick call with them can make you feel a little better and get you back on track.

The problems due to stress are increasing rapidly in the millennial generation; living up to the high expectations we set for ourselves is difficult. It is okay to take a step back and regroup your mental and physical energies once in a while. These habits are a few options to cope with the stress levels.



Lost in the void,

A place deep within,

Felt something was amiss.

Lost in the void,

The tunnel grew darker and melancholic.

Stuck without any light,

Wanted to stop or be stopped,

It was nothing but false hope.

The void grew bigger as did the darkness,

And with no way out,

The battle was lost.

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Troubled (Short-Story)



She looked out of the window. It was a kind of day she liked; the gray clouds covering the sky, an unexplained gloominess in the air and the silence. She loved this atmosphere a little too much; it was during these days the darkness was consuming everyone and she wasn’t the only one drowning in it. She smiled to herself; a storm was brewing, perfectly poetic. She knew a thing or two about storms; they matched the chaos in her head.

She didn’t understand it herself; the years of turmoil had left her numb. There was no escaping it, she knew it now. It’s sad really, giving up on life like this being hopeless and uncertain at such a young age. She had given up on her life, family, friends, relationships or any hope for things to be okay. She had seen her fall apart, tears falling down her cheeks, she had been helpless to stop it yet she felt guilty.

A slow tentative step towards the open window, she inhaled deeply and exhaled. With an exasperated sigh, she kept staring outside. Life is unfair everyone used to tell her but being overly optimistic and idealistic she never believed it. She was always just or tried to be so why would anything go wrong; she had no idea what would happen. Those naïve thoughts now locked away tightly in a corner of her heart never to be opened again. A perfect day, she thought again, a gloominess to match hers and a sense of an impending doom.

Today, she was going to be free from it all. The hurt, heartbreak, disappointments, she was going to forget about them. The past wasn’t worth dwelling upon; it was worth letting go even if it meant a part of her going away with it. A sense of hope awakened in her, hope to find happiness and peace. She closed her eyes gathering courage and took brave steps towards her freedom, her choice; this time she was in control no one else.

Someone called out her name but she tuned it out, she had come too far to stop even for a minute. She could almost taste the freedom. “Next time around it will be better.” She thought to herself. “Next time life won’t be unfair.” An abyss of darkness started to surround her, she was scared, she wanted to open her eyes but she didn’t dare. She heard someone scream her name but she didn’t care. She was going to be free; free of all the pain inside her.




Sometimes, do you wonder when you open your eyes in the morning that all the bad things happening in your life are just a nightmare? The moment you open your eyes, things will change; they will get better. But life isn’t that simple is it? This feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach refuses to go away. Your hopes, dreams, expectations have only one enemy and that is the reality. Nothing seems to be going your way, you feel lost and defeated. One thought swirling in your mind all the time if this is all life is going to be like for you? The unanswered question is the biggest reason for your frustration. So many doubts overwhelming your mind all at once and there seems to be no end to the negativity in your head. Where is the thrill, the magic you have always wanted? You can’t seem to find the path to your destiny. Is growing up really this complicated? You wish someone would understand you, give advice and not judge. Be there by your side making sure you don’t fall. Why does every aspect of life seem harder when you are stuck? As far as you can see there is only a road and you have no idea where you’re going. It’s scary, intimidating even; not knowing your destination. You keep hoping it will get better; rise above it and then you will be where you want to be. I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life but one thing I know is that no matter what, I am not going to lose hope, there is always a way; there has to be one.