Currently Reading (May ’23). #BetweentheDragonKingandHisWrath #NetGalley

Between the Dragon King and His Wrath by Barbara Russell

Between the Dragon King and His Wrath by Barbara Russell is a paranormal historical romance. The story follows Princess Annika as she travels to the neighboring kingdom of Walhack with her father. There she unexpectedly meets the former prince of Walhack, Wlad, now a slave in his own home. Annika’s attempt to help Wlad goes horribly wrong for her and she and her father leave. Wlad only has revenge in his mind, desperate to get his kingdom back; he makes a deal with the Sister witches. Eight years later, Annika and Wlad’s paths cross again. Both are not the same people they used to be.

Love in the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I have always enjoyed reading Fitzgerald’s works, the few that I have read like Gatsby and Benjamin Button. I came across another short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald called Love in the Night. The story follows Val. He first experiences love when he is 17 years old. The story takes us through his experiences of first love, losing it, and then discovering it again. I am very interested to read this one.

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