Book Review: Insatiable (Darcy Burke). #Insatiable #NetGalley

I received a copy of Insatiable by Darcy Burke from NetGalley. This is the eighth addition to the Phoenix Club series. A historical romance, it follows the romance of Lord Lucien Westbrook and Miss Kathleen Shaughnessy.

Lucien and Kathleen, have been introduced in the previous books. Lucien’s character plays some role in every couple’s story before, but there was a lot of mystery around him. Kathleen (Kat) is Lucien’s sister Cassandra’s sister-in-law. She is extremely inquisitive and scientific and wants to continue her research work. Lucien being a gentleman, offers Kat help for her research, and then there are sparks flying left and right.

I have read all the other books, so I was aware of some of the characteristics of these two characters. But the way they were developed was very interesting. Both are attracted to each other from the start almost, but nothing happens instantly. For Kathleen, it is pure logic that makes Lucien the perfect candidate to help her, although she starts understanding the gravity of her feeling much later. They are kind of family because of their siblings, so there is hesitancy in the beginning. Their relationship development from sort of friends to romance seemed realistic the way it unfolded.

It’s not just Lucien that was mysterious in previous books but also the workings of the Phoenix Club itself. There are plot threads from the previous books, that are tied up neatly in the story with relevance. For anyone reading it as a standalone might find it a little confusing. The chemistry between Lucien and Kathleen is tangible, and I loved seeing them fall in love. Lucien and Kat both feel like a misfit in their own families. Lucien is considered the black sheep of the family and has a tumultuous relationship with his father. Kathleen is not interested in the same things as her sisters; she is more academic and has trouble in social situations.

Lucien was against his friend Ruark being with his sister Cassandra. Ironically, he falls in love with Ruark’s sister. Kat’s character is such a breath of fresh air. She is different than the other protagonists but, she learns to embrace and accept her difference. Lucien never thinks of her differently or treats her differently, and in a way, that helps her confidence. Lucien is intense and intriguing, but he is also incredibly sweet too. Kat and Lucien’s romance makes sense, and their feelings and doubts are grounded. They have to tread through murky waters of their own before ending up together.

Insatiable is the last book of the Phoenix Club series. Darcy Burke has done an amazing job with these characters and stories. Every story has a different feel to it, yet are connected. Insatiable answers a lot of questions from previous stories with those characters making cameos too. Kat and Lucien have to be one of my favorite love stories of the series. The book kept me hooked from the start, and I finished it in a day. The Phoenix Club series is a romantic, passionate, and sweet historical romance series, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Author: Aarti Athavle

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