Books I read in 2022: My Favourites.

I read some amazing books in 2022. Most of the books that I read during the year, I enjoyed them thoroughly. But some stood out to me for different reasons and sometimes, simply because I was surprised by them. I am not including any of my re-reads or short stories in the list. I plan to make a completely new post for short stories later on. My favourite books of the year are –

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult was one of my favorite reads. Sage meets an elderly gentleman, Josef Weber in her support group. Both of them develop an unlikely friendship but Sage’s world turns on its head when Josef confesses to the truth of his past. His past is connected to Sage’s family. The book deals beautifully with the emotions of different characters and it’s heartbreaking. It is one of the most gripping and emotional books I have read.

Love In Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Love in Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a novel that blends magical realism and romance perfectly in the story. The story focuses on the characters of Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza, who fall in love in their youth but are separated. Decades later, Fermina’s husband passes away and Florentino comes back into her life. Marquez’s writing is always interesting with the way its flows and the well-rounded characters. This is exactly what makes this book engaging.

Impossible by Darcy Burke.

Impossible by Darcy Burke is the fifth book of her Phoenix Club series. The romance between Ada Treadway and Maximillian Hunt was wonderful. I was extremely surprised by this book. It is a pleasing take on Beauty and the Beast with two interesting and layered protagonists. I was invested in the characters from the start and the way their journeys unfolded was exciting. The book had lots of romance and engaging characters which made the book memorable.

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf is the story of the Ramsay family and their visits to the Isle of Sky in Scotland over a decade from 1910 to 1920. Reading Woolf’s work is heavy because, in this book specifically, the sentences are really long. It takes patience to get into at the start, but it is worth it in the end. I liked how the book’s focus remains on the complexities of human nature. It is a beautiful book but not one you can easily re-read.

A Village in the Third Reich by Angelika Patel, Julia Boyd.

A Village in the Third Reich by Angelika Patel and Julia Boyd is a non-fiction book. The book focuses on a picturesque small village Oberstdorf in Bavarian Alps, Germany. The book talks about the life of the people of this village, who had lived there for generations and now, lived under the Nazi regime. It’s part of the dark history of Germany but from a different perspective. It’s so interesting to know about these ordinary lives in a small village were also not left unaffected by what happened and how they dealt with it.

Hellfire and Honey by A.N.Payton.

Hellfire and Honey by A.N.Payton is the first book of the Eternal Alliances series. This fantasy romance novel follows the trope of enemies to lovers. The Princess of the Witches Sal has to surrender to the Vampire King Kadence to end the centuries-old battle between their kinds. I was surprised by this book because it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I enjoyed the world built in the book and the political intrigue of the court. The slow-burn romance of Sal and Kadence keeps you hooked. It was fun to read this book.

There were many other books that I really enjoyed reading, but these are the ones that were at the top of my head. I can think of a few that almost made the list like, Only A Monster, Wait For You, North and South, and The Horse Whisperer. But these six books stayed with me longer than the others.  

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