Currently Reading (February ‘22) #OnlyaMonster #NetGalley

My reading list for the month.

  • The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans.

The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans has been on my reading list for years. Finally, I have started reading it. The story follows the Maclean mother and daughter mostly. Grace has a horrible horse-riding accident. To help Grace and her horse heal, her mother, Annie takes her to Montana to a ‘horse whisperer’ Tom Booker.

  • Only a Monster by Vanessa Len.

I received a copy of Only a Monster by Vanessa Len from NetGalley. It’s been a while since I have read a Fantasy novel. For a time span, I read fantasy books back to back, so it got a little boring. This book has such an interesting blurb that seemed like the correct choice to start reading fantasy novels again. The story focuses on Joan, a 16-year-old girl, who is sent to London for the summer to live with her eccentric family.

  • The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H.Lawrence.

I haven’t read a lot of works by D.H.Lawrence. The ones I have read so far, I have enjoyed them. The Rocking Horse Winner is a short story that follows an English middle-class family. The family’s lifestyle doesn’t match their income and hence, there is always a sense of anxiety and uncertainty in the house that affects even the kids.

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