Book Review: Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe? (Hazel Osmond).

Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe is the first book I have read written by Hazel Osmond. This is a romantic/chick-lit novel that follows a copywriter Ellie and her new boss Jack Wolfe; she refers to him as Heathcliff in jeans. The arrival of Jack shakes up Ellie’s life.

Ellie works as a copywriter, she is part of a two-women creative team at an advertising agency. When the new boss Jack Wolfe enters, things start around the office. Ellie is determined not to follow the crowd that bends to his whim and just focus on her work. When the mutual attraction comes to pass, it’s when things get really interesting.

The story starts off a little slow. Ellie is a great character. She is stuck in a monotonous circle in life, and sometimes she makes decisions that don’t seem like smart choices, but all this makes her relatable. Her dedication and creativity in her work are rooted in reality maybe because Hazel Osmond, herself worked as a copywriter. Now, Jack Wolfe is pretty much like how he is described in the blurb. He is hot and cold, and at times, you do feel like Ellie should throw something at his head. Jack always does something stupid when things start getting serious between him and Ellie. It is really difficult to ignore or explain some of his behavior at that point.

Without giving away too much, Jack’s backstory is surprisingly emotional, and I thought, the author has done really well with it. Although, I did find it difficult to justify his treatment of Ellie due to the past, especially in a couple of instances. It was too much. Ellie and Jack’s relationship starts slightly clichéd; the coworkers who hate each other yet are attracted to each other too. Their romance builds up slowly, but there are twists and turns throughout. I liked that Ellie and Jack’s relationship build-up over some time and is not instant. It makes the chemistry and the romance between them even better.

There is a sense of authenticity to the characters and to the story that makes it quite realistic. The pace is slow, to begin with, and wavers a little bit in the middle; the story is 500 pages long. The writing style is engaging. Even though the strong and frequent intimate scenes between Ellie and Jack are written delicately, it never comes off as crass. I finished the book over a couple of days because I wanted to see how things turned out by the end. Overall, I liked the romance and the characters. It is an entertaining and light romantic read.

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