Book Review: Back to You (Priscilla Glenn).

I found this book on kindle, and I downloaded it because it seemed interesting. This is the only book by Priscilla Glenn I have read. Back to You is the story of Lauren Monroe and Michael Delaney. It is a friends-to-lovers second chance romance.

The story shifts from the past to the present throughout the novel. Lauren and Michael first meet when they are in high school. Michael is troubled by his attitude, his outbursts, and suspensions, others are generally scared of him. Lauren is drawn to him from the beginning, she always glimpses behind this façade of his. Both of them form an unlikely friendship. The past timeline of the book mainly focuses on their friendship, their past together, and Michael’s past. The bond and chemistry between Lauren and Michael are portrayed beautifully; it seems realistic because it builds up slowly. It is a fresh and realistic take on a second-chance romance type of love story.

When they are separated, Lauren is left heartbroken. Lauren is shocked to see him at her new job at the Day Care center eight years later. Out of instinct to protect herself, she decided to keep a distance from him that doesn’t go according to plan. Slowly, they start becoming a part of each other’s lives again, but Lauren keeps her guard up. Michael has always felt regret about how things went down between them, and he knows it will take time to establish a level of trust between them again. It is such a sweet story. There is no unnecessary drama between Lauren and Michael.

There is more focus on Lauren’s perspective initially, but there is enough of Michael’s point of view for the reader to understand him. Lauren is a great character. She knows what she wants, she is relatable, and she is straightforward about her feelings and empathetic to everyone around her. Even as a teenager, she sees the pain beneath the surface in Michael when no one else does. The mysterious past of Michael slowly unfolds, and it is heartbreaking. It was impossible not to tear up. Everything about him makes sense the moment you completely understand why he is the way he is.

This novel is an emotional rollercoaster. Many times, the story is sad and intense; other times, it is utterly sweet. Lauren and Michael go on a journey of love, passion, friendship, and heartbreak. Both of them learn and evolve; even taking responsibility for their actions. It is a second-chance romance so the element of nostalgia the characters feel for each other is written and described beautifully. The jumps between the past and the present gave me a whole sense of the story as well as the characters; it added value to the overall plot. You are rooting for these two from the beginning. The unsaid feelings for each other when they are friends or the way they react to seeing each other eight years later is done amazingly well.

I loved reading this book. This is a beautiful love story that is intense, sad, and romantic all in one story. The pace, the plot, and mainly the characters; keep you hooked from the beginning. I would have finished this book in one night if I had my way, but I already stayed awake reading till 4 am. Priscilla Glenn has done a wonderful job with the story and the characters, it is very well thought out and written. Back to You is a book I will definitely read again and love it just as much as I did the first time.

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Author: Aarti Athavle

Daydreamer - Writer - Bibliophile

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